Electrical Relays Est.
The company, Electrical Relays Establishment was organised in 1992 and engaged in Testing, Commissioning, Installation and Maintenance of Relay & Control Panels and Switchgear. Within a few years, the company expanded its business lines to include enginering and design for any modification in Protection and Control Panels and the Supply of Materials.
During the proceeding years, the company took advantage of new opportunities for further growth and development. Amajor factor for its subsequent success is perhaps due to the company’s emphasis on constomer satisfaction through personalized approach. responsiveness to customer needs, good quality & efficient services at reasonable prices. The guiding philosophy of Electrical Relays Est. has always been to become more competitive by making its customers more competitive. During this time, the company added more professional staff to upgrade the quality of its service.
Maintenance Division
Overhauling of Mv Switchgear
Calibration & Maintenance of Protective Relays
Hi-Pot Testing of new & old Cables
Fault location & MV Cable repair.
Preventive Maintenance of Transformers, Reactors, RMUs etc.
Repair of Circuit Breakers & Relays.
Quality Policy
To provide a high integrity and cost effective services to the electrical supply, services and industrial markets, ranging from the testing & commissioning, installation and supply of materials to complete substation management systems.
In order to achieve customer satisfaction and the continued success of our business, the key factor shall be the quality of services we provide to our markets. Accordingly it is the policy of the company:
To reliably and consistently deliver services that meet the quality requirements and expectations of our customers, on time.
To seek and achieve continuous improvements in the quality and value for money of services we provide.
To provide safe working conditions, protect our enviornment and conserve resources.
To perform the tasks assigned to us right first time and every time.
To work together as a team dedicated to mutual help and the achievements of our quality goals.
Health Safety & Enviornment Policy
Electrical Relays Est. will make proper provision for the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees and others who may be affected by the company's activities. In addition, the company will strive to minimize the enviornment impact of its activities and services.
All current and proposed activities will be subject to risk assessments with the objectives of eliminating risk wherever reasonable practicable and complying with relevant legislation and regulations. The company will strive for a target of continual improvement through setting objectives, monitoring performances and auditing against standards.
The company recognizes the promotion of health and safety as a mutual objectives of both management and employees and will actively seeking joint co-operation in the objective of complying with or exceeding where relevant, the requirements of both the legislation and the ER Est. Health, Safety and Enviornment Policy and Manual.
The company's objectives are to achieve a safe place of work, run by safe people operating of work.